Red Dawn


by ZACHARY LEEMAN,  |  published on November 23, 2012


According to, one of the definitions of the term “tea party” is as follows: an exciting disturbance or proceeding. Basically, a protest. Well, while everyone was out catching the Black Friday Deals (I caught a few myself), I decided to have my own little tea party and share the story with some fellow patriots.

My girlfriend’s mother is hosting two foreign exchange students this year. One is from China and the other is from Thailand. For the sake of anonymity, we will refer to them as E and F. As I was searching for a film to kick off Thanksgiving weekend, I kept running into the mainstream reviews of the “Red Dawn” remake. To mention them specifically would be a disservice to my intelligence and yours. Anyway, I decided in protest of this lame and lazy smearing of the new “patriotic” film that I would go see it. But, I took E and F on the offhanded chance the film would capture the same American patriotism that the original practically defined for a generation of Americans.

I wasn’t expecting much as the three of us took our seats in the packed theater. And they were simply following my lead expecting just another movie. I’m a big fan of John Milius’s original film, and what I was expecting was a politically correct remake without an iota of intelligence in its head. But when the lights went down the three of us were subjected to a two-hour film filled with great action, unabashed patriotism and love for freedom.

We got “Red Dawn.”

Sure, the film skimped on character development, but then it played “Long as I Can See the Light” by Creedance Clearwater Revival and all was forgiven.
After the film I was incredibly interested in how this plain endorsement of patriotism and Americanism had affected my guests. When we got back to my truck
, I began to grill them for details. E’s first question was, “does everyone in America own a gun?” I laughed, explained our Second Amendment and said that in our country we had fought tyranny and now preferred for the power to be in the people’s hands rather than with the government. I asked F what his favorite part of the film was and he responded, “I liked that they fight.”

I noticed they wouldn’t look at me while I questioned them. They both stared out the truck windows in deep thought. It was as if their eyes were searching for something. Maybe searching the America outside the vehicle for what exactly it was that made those small town heroes pick up arms and fight back for a freedom they “inherited.” Soon E looked my way and asked me about a specific part in the movie that he could not understand.

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