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German gun registry ensures only law-abiding will be caught in net

by DAVID CODREA,  |  published on December 31, 2012

Resurrecting and modernizing the type of recordkeeping capability used in the past to get dangerous gun criminals like Alfred Flatow off the streets, the Germans have once more established a national gun registry, DW.DE reported yesterday.

“Germany’s new national firearms registry established that there were 5.5 million legal guns in private ownership nationwide,” the article reports, claiming “Germany’s first reliable nationwide firearms count also showed there were 1.4 million registered owners – an average of approximately four weapons per listed individual.”

It goes on to quote “Interior Ministry spokesman Philipp Spauschus [who] said the registry would make a ‘concrete contribution to public safety,’” and informs readers that “All European Union countries are required to set up such a registry by 2015.”

It even gives the obligatory conflation stretch to the Sandy Hook murders, although for some reason neglects to mention that the rifle used there was lawfully registered per Connecticut law.

What it does not do, in spite of an unsubstantiated claim of reliability, is account for gun numbers that may be factored using different methodologies than relying on police reports, such as those compiled at, admittedly an agenda site administered by globalist activists with an anti-gun/pro-“gun control” bias, but nonetheless one that provides an outstanding and useful compilation of international gun laws and numbers.

Their entry for Germany maintains “The estimated total number of guns held by civilians in Germany is 25,000,000.” Cutting to the chase, the report gives other critical pieces of information about “unlawfully held guns”: Their numbers are estimated at 17,000,000, or “20.614 illicit firearms per 100 people.”

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