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cabot guns

The ‘American Joe’ by Cabot Guns and Joe Faris

by Max Slowik,
Published on April 15, 2013
Joe Faris is a new name in the gun world, but as a designer, his work is well-known to many. The Detroit-based fashion designer was… READ MORE

Gear Review: Bianchi Holster for the Glock 30S

by David Higginbotham,
Published on April 14, 2013
I’m enamored with the Glock 30S. The double-stack .45ACP is both robust and compact, something very few guns achieve to this degree. While it is… READ MORE

Gear Review: Turn the Savage Model 42 into the Perfect Prepper Gun

by David Higginbotham,
Published on April 11, 2013
All of the recent talk of North Korea, and potential black-rifle bans has really shifted focus off of one of my favorite gun conversations: basic… READ MORE

Gun Review: Beretta ARX 160 .22LR

by David Higginbotham ,
Published on April 9, 2013
It’s official. I’m out of .22LR. I knew I would be, but not this quickly. When the Beretta ARX 160 arrived on Friday, I spent… READ MORE
cannon safe

Cannon Safe Introduces Hybrid Electronic-Mechanical EMP Lock

by Max Slowik,
Published on April 5, 2013
Cannon Safe has been working on a new type of hybrid mechanical-electronic lock, called the EMP Lock, which is going to be standard on their… READ MORE

130-years of Revolver Speed Loaders

by Chris Eger,
Published on April 2, 2013
Like most firearms, the revolver suffers from a very annoying limitation that affects virtually anyone using it in the field: once you fire every chamber,… READ MORE

The Sterling Submachine gun: The Cold War’s SMG

by Chris Eger,
Published on March 31, 2013
The Cold War simmered for over 40 years and during this time the we saw the birth of many of the worlds most iconic arms,… READ MORE
gear up


by Liz Klimas, The Blaze
Published on March 29, 2013
In an extreme survival situation where the appropriate amount of ammunition for the type of firearm you’re carrying can’t necessarily be guaranteed, what would you… READ MORE
cane gun

Cane Guns: A Remington led arms race

by Chris Eger,
Published on March 28, 2013
The most common accessory that the well-dressed gentleman in the 1850s carried was a walking cane. This simple object was a status symbol among those… READ MORE

Bill would allow Sunday hunting

by Karen Chávez, Citizen Times
Published on March 25, 2013
The clash between hunting, hiking and holy days in North Carolina is rearing its head again. A new bill moving through the state Senate, SB… READ MORE

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