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After ‘Gun Appreciation Day,’ Organizers Invoke ‘Django Unchained’ for Follow-Up Campaign

by Paul Bond, The Hollywood Reporter
Published on January 24, 2013
A controversial group’s new effort dubbed “What Would Django Do?” looks to bring minorities to its side in the debate over gun control. Quentin Tarantino… READ MORE
gun appreciation day

‘Gun appreciation day’: Protests target Obama’s gun stance

by Nick Carey, Reuters
Published on January 20, 2013
Pro-gun activists plan rallies in 49 states at “high noon” on Saturday to support the right to own firearms they say is under attack from… READ MORE
gun appreciation day

Events planned for gun appreciation day

Published on January 19, 2013
After a long week on the issue of guns with Vice President Joe Biden’s recommendations and President Obama’s executive orders, ironically today is Gun Appreciation… READ MORE
Gun Appreciation Day

2nd Amendment supporters celebrate Gun Appreciation Day

by Daisy Barrera,
Published on January 19, 2013

Typically a membership-only shooting range, Rio Gun Club in La Feria will open its doors Saturday, to give people the chance to learn about gun… READ MORE
gun appreciation day


by Richard Dunham, Houston Chronicle
Published on January 17, 2013
Chick-fil-A Day will seem like just a bunch of tiny morsels next to the tidal wave of conservative protest coming this Saturday — if Texas… READ MORE
george soros


by Awr Hawkins,
Published on January 16, 2013
George Soros’ Center for American Progress (CAP) has published a list of 13 new pieces of legislation they claim we need right now, in the… READ MORE
Gun Appreciation Day

Asheville Tea Party promotes Gun Appreciation Day

by John Boyle,
Published on January 15, 2013
Fresh off a gun raffle of an AR-15 assault weapon, the Asheville Tea Party is now promoting the “First National Gun Appreciation Day” this Saturday.… READ MORE
Gun Appreciation Day

‘Gun Appreciation Day’ to be held 48 hours before Obama’s inauguration

Published on January 14, 2013
Just two days before Obama’s inauguration, concerned gun owners nationwide are banding together to send a message to the President. ‘Gun Appreciation Day,’ scheduled for… READ MORE
Gun Appreciation Day

Gun Owners Expected to Rally for Jan. 19 ‘Gun Appreciation Day’

by Elizabeth Rich,
Published on January 13, 2013
A conservative group is hoping that tens of thousands turn out to show their support for gun ownership with their pocketbooks and picket signs the… READ MORE
Gun Appreciation Day

Petition Aims to Stop ‘Gun Appreciation Day’

by Chris Good,
Published on January 12, 2013
As Vice President Joe Biden’s working group prepares to deliver gun-control recommendations to the president, a national day to celebrate guns is stirring up controversy.… READ MORE

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