Point shooting

The Truth about Point Shooting

by Jeffery Denning, Guns.com  |  published on December 26, 2012

You’ve heard the point shooting debate and debacle before, and this piece follows that tradition. However, instead of debating the merits or dangers in practicing this shooting technique in anticipation of a lethal encounter, this article aims to look at the simple realities of point shooting: the dos and the don’ts along with the whys and why nots and in particular few point shooting (a.k.a. natural or instinctive shooting) axioms worth remembering. First:

Distance matters
If your target/threat is within 3 yards, there’s a good chance a point and shoot method is the best method. In fact, compressed or close-in weapon retention-style techniques don’t even have the shooter use the sights at all. When it comes to shooting a target/threat at a farther distance, point shootings success rate starts to fall off the farther you get until it eventually the technique becomes worthless at consistently hitting a mark.

This is a relative point though because the distance where that success rate starts to fall off is dependent on your proficiency as a shooter. This underlines the fact that though distance matters when it comes to point shooting, point shooting’s effectiveness isn’t governed by distance since there are other things to consider as well, like accuracy.

Accuracy counts
Shot placement is paramount to success in a gunfight and it is dependent upon accuracy. A 9mm is a fine round but only if you nail the hostage taker in the right spot like the T-zone (though hopefully the SWAT operators coming to rescue your family will never rely on point shooting during a hostage rescue).

And the thing with shot placement and point shooting is this: if the barrel is bouncing all around, it goes without saying that accuracy suffers. Convulsing the entire palm of the hand unnecessarily, anticipating or flinching the shot, pushing off or, conversely, heeling or lifting the muzzle up will all throw your shots off and all of these actions are more likely to occur during the fast, reactive movement associated with point shooting.

What this says is that when comes to point shooting…

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