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SHOT Show 2013: Tracking Point brings “Lock and Launch” Technology to Firearms

by Daniel Terrill,  |  published on January 22, 2013

Of all the new guns and gear coming out of SHOT Show, the most unique and truly innovative product of all was Tracking Point. It’s a concept that’s been relative to fighter jet “lock and launch” technology and science fiction stories for some time now. Tracking Point allows the shooter to digitally pre-determine the precise point of impact from 1,200 yards away before ever pulling the trigger.

The company said the system is designed to increase first shot success probability for shooters with little to no experience. It isn’t so much a scope as it is an entire firearms system formally known as XactSystems, and virtually removes the necessity for all basic shooting techniques like breathing control and trigger control.

How it works is the triggerman first needs to put his or her sights on target and then tag it by hitting a button beside the trigger on the trigger guard. This step literally tags the shot impact point on the target in the scope with a red dot. While keeping the sights near the target after it’s been tagged, the shooter will then depress the trigger and hold it. The gun will NOT fire until the reticle re-aligns with the tag, and in that split second when they do line up, a round discharges.

The system

The Tracking Point system consists of a Guided Trigger and a Networked Tracking Scope, and will be available for three different rifle/caliber configuration.

Once the target is tagged, or in other words the target is locked, the shooter pulls and holds the trigger. The Guided Trigger arms the system telling the rifle that you want to fire. At this point in the process the Networked Tracking Scope then controls the trigger weight, deferring it until you get the reticle on the pre-determined point of impact within the target. In the end it doesn’t matter if you jerk or squeeze the trigger because the system manages the task for you.

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