Marlin 795SS

Nothin’ Fancy: Marlin 795SS Review

by David Fortier , Shot Gun News  |  published on December 13, 2012

I received my first .22 as a gift from my mother and stepfather when I was 7. It was an old falling block single-shot and I quickly learned that little rifle in and out. Empty tin cans lived in fear of me and that trusty rimfire for I was a dead-eye shot. Or at least this 7-year-old tried his best to be.

As I progressed with it, my stepfather would entrust me with three cartridges and send me out to hunt small game. If I brought back a rabbit or squirrel, he’d put his hand out and expect the other two cartridges back. So I was taught from a very young age to make each shot count.

Then when I was around nine I received a new rifle to learn, a Marlin Glenfield Model 60. It was used and had been around the block, but that semi-automatic .22 was Jet Age firepower to me. The tube magazine seemed to hold an endless supply of glittering cartridges. Get on the trigger and you could make a tin can dance.

In an instant it seemed all my training and hard work had gone out the window as I eschewed carefully aimed single-shots and embraced spray and pray. At least I did until my stepfather reeled me back in and taught me the errors of my way. He patiently taught me how to make best use of the Marlin, and over the years that followed I spent a lot of time with that rifle.

Marlin’s famous Model 60 was an evolution of their earlier Model 99. Developed by Ewald Nichol, the Model 99 was introduced in 1959 and offered through 1961. The Model 60 was introduced in 1960 and featured a less expensive birch stock, a brass rather than a steel tubular magazine and Marlin’s Micro-Groove barrel.

Developed in 1953 the Micro-Groove rifling featured 16 grooves intended to deform projectiles less and thus improve accuracy. The Model 60 also sported a receiver grooved, rather than tapped, for scope mounts. A crossbolt safety was fitted and the bolt could be manually locked open.

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