New TriStar TEC 12 Hybrid Semi/Pump 12-Gauge Shotgun

by Max Slowik ,  |  published on March 8, 2013

TriStar has just announced a new hybrid pump-action/semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun called the TEC 12. The TEC 12 uses a selector to switch between the two actions ensuring that the gun cycles every manner of load possible.

The pump-action mode is conventional, but the semi-automatic action is inertia-operated, a cycling system invented at the turn of the 20th century with the Sjögren shotgun. Sjögren and inertia operation fell off the map until 1986 when Benelli modernized it and slapped a patent on it.

Benelli’s inertia-operated shotguns have a long track record of reliability and are well-known to cycle an extremely wide range of loads, from light birdshot to heavy magnum buckshot and slugs.

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), last year the patent expired allowing other companies to manufacture inertia-operated firearms.

The TEC 12 goes one step further by squeezing a manual cycling mode, insuring that it will function with all types of ammo, even extremely lightweight exotic shot shells, and in extreme conditions, through mud, sand, ice or anything else that might foul a traditional semi-automatic shotgun.

Otherwise it’s a straight-forward all-purpose shotgun, with a tendency towards tactical. It has a 3-inch chamber for most loads and sports a synthetic pistol grip buttstock. It has a capacity of 5+1.

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