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Marine Grade: 5 Shotguns for Your Boat

by David Higginbotham ,  |  published on January 4, 2013

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time of the coast of northern Florida and southern Georgia in a small fishing boat. My father and I loved fishing, but we rarely caught anything. We spent more time exploring the more desolate coastlines of the various barrier islands.

We were in between the mainland and an island one afternoon when we came across something truly bazaar: a huge diamondback rattlesnake swimming to shore. We were drifting, attempting to fish, when the ugly snake swam up along side the boat with the idea that it might be the perfect place to take a well deserved break.

As my father tried to coax the old Evinrude outboard back to life, I held the snake off with our emergency paddle. We survived, as did the confused rattlesnake, but the situation made a lasting impression. We could have been more prepared.

Here are five solid options for nautically minded firearms.

1. Mossberg Mariner

The Mossberg Mariner is a 500 series pump, with the added benefit of Mossberg’s Marinecote finish. Though I don’t normally endorse the pistol-grip-only shotgun, all of the guns in Mossberg’s Just-In-Case line come packaged in water resistant tubes and make use of pistol grips and short barrels to ensure that they’re compact.

2. Remington870 Special Purpose Marine Magnum

If you’re more of a Remington fan, than check out the 870. The Marine Magnum is an excellent gun. Though it doesn’t come with a plastic tube, it does have a full stock and a higher capacity.

The Marine Magnum is nickel coated. This makes for a gun that you won’t be afraid to get wet. Just be sure to clean it well before you put it back in the safe. Or keep it clean and well lubricated if you’re going to be on extended trips.

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