Gun Review: Beretta ARX 160 .22LR

by David Higginbotham ,  |  published on April 9, 2013

It’s official. I’m out of .22LR. I knew I would be, but not this quickly.

When the Beretta ARX 160 arrived on Friday, I spent a couple of hours working it out. Dry. I took it apart. Put it back together. I worked the bolt, and practiced with the iron sights. I’d shot a couple of magazines back in January at the SHOT Show, and I liked the rifle then. But it is different when you don’t have to pass the gun off to the next drooling review writer.

Now, in the midst of this ludicrous .22LR drought, I didn’t want to waste a single round. I have a Trijicon RMR in for review, and I put that on the ARX, and loaded the first magazine. Three rounds later, the RMR was zeroed and the ARX was putting rounds through the same hole at 25 yards.

I emptied the rest of that magazine very judiciously. And I loved every minute of it.

The ARX 160 in .22LR
The ARX 160 .22 is Beretta’s new rimfire version of their already legendary ARX 160 in 5.56. I say legendary because we haven’t seen it, yet. Someday. And news of the rimfire version is encouraging.

The gun is light. It is mostly polymer, and that’s noticeable when you pick it up. It looks like it should weigh much more. The stock is collapsible, and folds onto the right side of the receiver, where it locks securely.

The forend and the whole length of the top is covered in rail. I don’t know how much of what you might be tempted to put on (or under, or beside) a .22, but you have more than enough space. The tiny little Trijicon looks a bit lonely up there. But it works great.

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