second amendment

Second amendment is for us all

by Don Plahn, Times-Republican  |  published on February 4, 2013

For all veterans, hunters, trap and skeet shooters and other sportsman. The second amendment to the constitution applies to all of us. Even if you are not a firearms enthusiast, the assault against the second amendment is an indication of what can be done to the entire constitution.

The second amendment is just the beginning. The assault is also against the rules, regulations, procedures and protocols in the constitution and the bill of rights. The administration presently in power is seeking to change our government structure and our way of life.

To get a good idea of what is going on, make certain you monitor CNN and Fox News so you can compare the points of view of liberals vs. conservatives. The more we allow changes to our constitution the sooner “we the people” will not be able to control the changes.

If you are a present participant in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Schedule D drug program, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Disability and other programs provided by our government you should be concerned. The only way to make these programs work is to put as many people as possible under those programs. The same way to make income taxes work is to put as many people as possible under taxation. But wait, many of the people under the government programs do not pay income taxes.

This is a law of diminishing returns. To make these programs work the number of participants must be decreased or put more people under the tax program. Taxing a small group (the rich) more will not yield as much as charging a very large group (the middle class) some taxes. This is the dilemma. Whether you like it or not, continuing and expanding the participation in these programs will end them sooner.

Be very careful how you vote in the next midterm election of representatives. To vote for a representative who wants to increase the government programs and expand them to all people who are in the a country against our laws (undocumented immigrants) you will be helping to bring these programs to an end faster. Especially if you are not paying any federal income taxes.

Remember, you will get what you vote for – just like you did last time. We the people are all in this mess together, whether we like it or not.

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