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Everyone should have a right to bear arms – Russian lawyer

by Yekaterina Kudashkina, The Voice of Russia  |  published on January 23, 2013

Russian lawyer Alexei Binetsky, who spent many years in the US, believes it is dangerous to put all responsibility for citizens’ protection in the hands of the government.

All over the world, in different countries in different ways, but all the people have the rights for the self-defense. In the Western countries, like in the US for example this is the second amendment to the constitution. In some other countries, including Russia before the revolution it was the obligation of the Government to protect the people and at the same time it was the right to protect themselves. Nothing changed during these hundreds of years. The people must have the right to protect their families, their property. Another question is that it is absolutely impossible now to register the owners of the handguns and automatic rifles.

I’m not sure if it is necessary for the civilians to have their automatic rifles at homes, but handguns and shotguns – this is the right of any person in the democratic countries to have it, to carry it and to use it in the specific conditions, that’s obvious. I can say about Russia for example – our people own around 5.6 million units for now and it is only few cases when these weapons were used for the criminal offence. Most of the criminal cases with the usage of the weapons, criminals used the illegal weapons. Legal weapons are not in use for the criminal cases. That’s why I absolutely disagree with the people who say that it is necessary to put all the obligations for the protection of the people and their life on the Government.

Sir, but I have also heard a counterargument which is that when a person gets to possess a gun, his psychology might change in a certain way. And if a psychology of that particular person is a little bit – shall we put it – fragile, I mean he is not a psycho but he might be somewhat hysterical, he might be prone to hysterical reactions – how do we make sure that he does not use the weapon excessively?

Well, it is a question of how this work is organized. In some states in the US, in Germany, in most of the European countries in which the citizens have the right to own, to buy the handguns there are different types of regulations, including the special procedures to check the person – to check him from the medical point of view, psychological point of view. It is an obligation of the Government how to organize the control and how to organize the maintains, let’s say so, of the psychological situation with the owners of the guns and handguns.

That’s not a big deal. We have a lot of examples when it is organized pretty good. Let’s imagine, you will say that no more guns in the hands of the civilians. Good! But immediately the criminals will use this situation and will attack. In many countries, like the post-Soviet countries, in Baltic states – Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia – people received this possibility from the Government to carry handguns and shotguns and rifles and we can see the statistics that the criminal offence is going down.

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