Time Warner gun ban

Time Warner Bans Gun Ads, Continues to Produce Movies Full of Gun Violence

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com  |  published on January 22, 2013

Despite the fact that its subsidiary Warner Bros. routinely distributes blockbuster movies that are replete with gratuitous gun violence, Time Warner Cable has issued a company-wide ban on television ads that show “guns pointed at people,” another illustration of how firearms ownership is being made taboo to coincide with the Obama administration’s gun control agenda.

“We no longer accept ads showing semiautomatic weapons and guns pointed at people,” Time Warner Cable said in a statement. “We stand by this policy. If it’s essential to a business owner to show this kind of imagery in their commercials, there are other advertising options in the marketplace.”

However, this new found conscience on reducing violent gun imagery will not be embraced by movie productions funded by Time Warner itself and distributed by Warner Bros., such as the upcoming Sylvester Stallone film Bullet to the Head, the trailer for which features a plethora of gun violence, with the poster for the movie being riddled with illustrative bullet holes.

Nor was a concern for showing “guns pointed at people” much of a worry for Time Warner when Warner Bros. began distribution of the movie Gangster Squad in theaters last weekend. The film even features a scene showing machine guns being fired inside a cinema, an eerie reminder of James Holmes’ Aurora massacre. The trailer shows a man being shot in the head at point blank range.

The fact that Time Warner contributed heavily to Barack Obama during his 2012 campaign suggests their decision to ban ads showing semi-automatic weapons is a political move designed to fuel the manufactured meme that gun ownership is taboo, and that Americans should be ashamed of possessing assault rifles.

Believing that Time Warner genuinely wants to reduce violent gun scenes on television when it makes hundreds of millions of dollars every year from movies that are based around gratuitous gun violence is beyond naive.

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