Restrictive Concealed Weapons Laws Linked To Increase In Gun-Related Murders

by News Staff | Science2.0  |  published on January 21, 2014

When tragedies happen, politicians aim to yell on the floors of Congress about how tragedies must be stopped.

And gun tragedies should be entirely preventable, claim gun ban proponents. Just ban guns. It may make sense to assume that states in which there are tight laws make that state safer and lead to less gun crime, but that data show that the very opposite is true. You can’t get a concealed weapon permit in Illinois but Chicago leads the US in gun murders. In 2013, a concealed carry bill was passed, making Illinois the final state to issue concealed gun carry permits.

Writing in Applied Economics Letters, Mark Gius from Quinnipac University finds that in states with more restrictive concealed carry weapons (CCW) laws there is actually an increase in gun related crime. Opponents always have an answer for data; criminals will get guns from other states and, in the case of Italy, where guns are banned but gun murders still happen, from other countries. But that essentially means the only people penalized for gun bans are law-abiding citizens.

Over the period of the analysis the average murder rate was 3.44 but states with more restrictive CCW laws had a gun-related murder rate that was 10% higher than the average. The Federal “assault weapons” ban had an even bigger impact, with murder rates 19.3% higher when this ban was in effect.

There are four broad types of CCW laws, unrestricted, which means an individual requires no permit to carry a concealed handgun. Shall issue, in which a permit is required but authorities must issue one to all qualified applicants that request one. May issue, in which authorities can deny a request for a permit and finally no issue, those states that do not allow private citizens to carry a concealed weapon.

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