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Nugent Blasts Costas’ Gun Control Rant

by Adan Salazar, Infowars.com  |  published on December 11, 2012

Bob Costas’ recent anti-gun rant gave at least one high profile rocker Cat Scratch Fever.

Last Thursday, classic rocker and Second Amendment preservationist Ted Nugent came out blasting NBC sports announcer Bob Costas following his recent anti-gun remarks during last week’s Sunday Night Football game.

Nugent, ever the fervent gun rights advocate, expressed utter disgust at Costas’ “blundering ignorance” of constitutionally protected rights in a piece titled “Bob Costas is Dead Wrong” published in the Washington Times last Thursday, saying, “If there were a free speech penalty for blundering ignorance, a penalty flag would have been tossed at Mr. Costas.”

He begins with a sobering fact: “As you read this, know that by the time you finish, somewhere in America a fellow citizen will use a gun to stop a crime and save a life.”

“Just as we shouldn’t blame forks for obesity, pencils for spelling mistakes or water for drowning, trying to blame access to guns for the murder-suicide in Kansas City is chainsaw-juggling, woodchipper-diving bizzaro logic,” says Nugent, echoing sentiments expressed by Alex Jones and Infowars.com that, by Costas’ own skewed reasoning, blaming guns for Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher’s and his girlfriend’s deaths is like blaming spoons for obese people.

Costas also, Nugent argues, willfully ignores the countless times an NFL player’s death was caused by something other than guns, demonstrating the gun-grabber’s glaring hypocrisy:

“What Mr. Costas didn’t say and possibly doesn’t know is that 2 million Americans use guns each year to defend themselves from punks and thugs. Access to guns saves an incalculable number of lives each year. How about that, Mr. Costas?”

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